The Department of English is one of the most prestigious department of Uttara University. It was established in 2003 from the inception of this university. There are nearly 1200 students studying here. The department’s mission is to produce students who are qualified to undertake any task in the field of employment. Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the academic activities. Activities such as debate, theatre, blood donation, games, etc, make the department a lively one. The department of Law started its journey in Uttara University since 2004. This department from the beginning is a popular department in this university. Teachers prepare the students so that they can work in the judiciary, as lawyers, or work as teachers. The department has a moot court which prepares the students for court proceeding by simulation. The department of Bangla was established in 2003. It is one of the oldest department in Uttara University. Bangla department hosts regular international conferences to enhance the learning atmosphere in the department. Other co-curricullaractivities such as folk songs festival, kite flying, PahelaBaishak and many other programmes ensures a rich cultural vibe in its atmosphere. The department of Islamic Studies started from 2003. This is a unique department in this university. Very few private university has an Islamic Studies department. Rich in its teaching standards, Islamic Studies department focuses on imparting knowledge in different Islamic fields such as Islamic Law &Jurisprudence, Islamic scholars, Islamic History, etc.