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The bachelor program B.Sc. (Eng.) in Computer Science & Engineering, offers the students a strong background in the core technical areas and exposure to the cutting-edge technologies where their engineering contribution will be utilized. The course involves study of computer architecture, computer systems and networks, theory and design of digital system and software engineering. 

Within the context of lifelong learning, the university will build on its national and international reputation for innovative student-centered programs that enable students from diverse backgrounds to achieve their educational goals. The university is committed to building up academic excellence through curriculum, teaching, scholarship and services designed to help build up knowledge-based society with ensuring quality education. Tailoring the moral values and nurturing latent power of students will be facilitated to obtain placement in job market in such a manner as is ethically justified, religiously attestable, culturally harmonious and intellectually competent.


Our department offers 3 programs:

1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering 4 Years (Day)

2. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering 4 Years (Evening)

3. Masters of Science in Computer Science and Engineering.


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