The CSE departmental 6th Academic Committee meeting

The 6th Academic Committee Meeting at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering (SSE, UU) was held on 14th October-2017, Saturday at 03:00 PM in the Uttara University Conference hall chaired by Md. Shafiul Alam Chowdhury, Chairman, Department of Computer Science & Engineering with the presence and consent of Professor Dr. Kazi Khairul Islam, honorable Dean, School of Science & Engineering, UU and also consent of Professor Dr. Md. Shafiqul Islam, Advisor, Dept of CSE & EEE, UU.

All the CSE departmental teaching faculties, laboratory and administrative staffs were present on this occasion.

The following discussions & decisions have been taken place:


Reformation of different sub-committees and its members for a smooth running of the department of Computer Science & Engineering, UU.

Decision: The Academic Committee recommended reforming all the sub-committees and updating committee members for smooth running of the department of Computer Science & Engineering at Uttara University.

List of Sub-committees:

1. Academic Committee (AC)

2. Coordinators’ Committee (CoC)

3. Planning and Development Committee (P&D)

4. Examination & Result Preparation Committee (ExRP)

5. Exam Routine Committee (ExR)

6. Question Moderation Committee (QmC)

7. Credit Calculation, Course Offering and Distribution Committee (3CODC)

8. Class Routine Committee (CRC)

9. Project & Thesis Committee (P&TC)

10. Flyer, Handbook & Academic-Calendar Committee (FHAC)

11. Self Assessment Committee (SAC)

12. Club Committees (CC)

13. Orientation Committee (OrC)

14. Workshop & Seminar Organizing Committee (WSR)

15. Syllabus, Curriculum & Course Outline Committee (SCCO)

16. Class Lecture & Section-Advising Monitoring Committee (CL-SA-M)

17. Lab Experiment Committee (LXC)

18. Branding, Admission-Fair & Job-Fair Committee (BAF&JF)

19. Section-Advising & Office-Time Scheduling Committee (S&OTS)

20. Administrative Staffs & MLSS’s Time Scheduling Committee (ASMT)

21. Departmental Website Maintenance Committee (DWMC)

22. Laboratory-Staffs’ Time Scheduling Committee (LATSC)

23. Laboratory Maintenance & IT Support Committee (LMITS)

24. Conference & Journal Committee (C&JC)

25. CSE Department Research Group (CSE-DRG)

Agenda-2: Regarding the office time for faculty Members:

Discussion & Decision: The decisions previously taken on the 5th Academic Committee meeting will be followed.

Agenda-3: Section Advising (Student Advising) List (Fall-2017):

Discussion & Decision:

The Academic Committee has taken the following decisions hereinafter: The section-advising/Student-advising list updated (for Fall-2017 semester) and delivered to all (students and teaching staffs).

Agenda-4: Preparation of CSE departmental Academic Calendar (Fall-2017):

Discussion & Decision: Already prepared and delivered to all.