Mission Vision

Mission Vision

Department of Mathematics is committed to provide effective and innovative graduates and undergraduate education in mathematics and allied students in order to prepare them to succeed in their further studies and careers. Also to produce high level human personnel and enhance capacity building through retraining, in order to meet the needs and challenges of the nation.

To produce the graduates to meet the challenges in job markets of Mathematics through providing quality education and imparting practical knowledge with leadership qualities by maintaining harmonious relations among the four departments.

Department of Mathematics reflects the mission of Uttara University as a vital part of this university. In particular, the department bears the mission of providing excellent undergraduate education in mathematics. It also strives for enhancement of quality in graduate level programs and research activities. At the same time, this department aims to produce skilled manpower and researcher for the economic growth in different sectors of the country and abroad.


Our vision is to be recognized internationally for excellence in research and teaching for high quality service so as to be a world class discipline comparable to similar other discipline and able to contribute to today’s society.

To create motivation, enhance the quality of knowledge and to improve the practical applications in the field of mathematics which is the language of all universal phenomena.

Objectives of Department

  • 1. To engage with students for the understanding of core mathematical and scientific concepts, supporting student to learn at all skill levels in foundational science and mathematics.
  • 2. To make a harmonious partnership among faculty members, student support organizations and other relevant groups to raise awareness of the importance of mathematics in developing rational reasoning skills through the curriculum.
  • 3. To inspire both faculty members and staffs for improving professional skills which brings opportunities of fundamental research in the fields of pure and applied mathematics and also enhances the mathematical knowledge that makes the educational excellence possible.
  • 4. To attend, present and organize regional/ national/ international conferences.
  • 5. To encourage the faculty members for contributing through publications, presentations, and other methods of intellectual dissemination to national and international levels for improving the quality of life.