Mission Vision

Mission Vision

The mission of the Department of Physics is to serve the citizens of Bangladesh and the world through discovery that expands knowledge in the field of physics and closely related sciences, through conveyance of this knowledge to our students in an excellent learning environment, and through engagement in which we share our skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm with diverse communities beyond the University.

To accomplish this vision, the program will:
  • 1. deliver innovative and responsive interdisciplinary education and research output of high quality;
  • 2. educate students to develop both theoretical Physics and applied capabilities which are analytical, creative, systematic, critical and independent; and
  • 3. Provide initiatives to both staff and students to conduct practical research in broad areas of Physics and its applications.


The Department of Physics at Uttara University will be recognized for the distinction of its faculty, the pioneering research they and their students perform, and the excellence of the education provided to all of our students. We will focus on core areas in which the finest minds will engage in the discovery process and integrate the process of discovery, and the discoveries, into the education of our students. Discoveries in pure science will expand our knowledge and give a new, and ever changing understanding of the physical Universe. We will also provide the expertise and understanding of physical systems and related biological systems that are required, and essential, for interdisciplinary partnerships. We will engage our colleagues in the Colleges of Science, Engineering, and others at Uttara University and elsewhere to jointly advance our understanding and application of science to provide the benefits of science to society. We will have a student body of both undergraduate majors and graduate doctoral students of superior intellect and accomplishment from within Bangladesh and around the world. We will produce physics research at the forefront of science, physics degree students of the highest rank, and, through education and outreach, a more science-literate society.
Master of Science in Physics Program of Uttara University will become the leading post-graduate program in Bangladesh and in the region in terms of education and research in Physics. Uttara University uses “To have advanced knowledge and research skills in Physics in Bangladesh, go to Uttara University” as our target for strengthening the program and for promoting Physics education and research in Bangladesh.

Educational Objectives

The academic objectives of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (physics) are to provide outstanding education that can: Promote a philosophy of learning with the development of a computer science/engineering student body to be prepared for their specific profession, for advanced studies and careers in research with multidisciplinary knowledge. Provide a stimulating academic research environment for individuals who would be capable to work in both industry and academia, and would be the leaders in the demonstration of professional skills and in the development of new technology for the benefit of society.