The vision of the school is to produce graduates having sports professional and effective classroom teachers with leadership in education and teaching qualities with focuses on quality initiative.
Empowering educators, transforming lives, impacting all tiers and sectors of education by preparing dynamic leaders and practitioners in teaching, research and management having content excellence. Pedagogical competence, commitment, integrity, value education, social transformation and sustainable development are the main focuses of the department.


  • To produce competent classroom teachers for public and private schools of secondary level.
  • To prepare educational leaders, managers, educationists, researchers and curriculum developers for the nation.
  • To improve quality of teachers through pre-service and in-service teacher education.
  • To motivate the youths towards educational professions.
  • To learn and contribute through linkages with national and international academic community.
  • To take equity measures and address the needs of the divergent learners effectively.


  • develop the perception of the learners on the discipline of education as a life-long activity;
  • facilitate learners to participate actively for the educational development of the society;
  • prepare learners on content excellence, pedagogical and ICT competence, and commitment;
  • expose learners on curriculum development, management skills and research;
  • make the learners competent in evaluation and assessment techniques;
  • ensure learners’ moral and ethical education.