Overview of the Department

Uttara University prefers introduction of professional and job oriented courses. Hence the Department of Education has been established. This department offers three professional programs. They are Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) honors (4years), B.Ed (1year) program and Master of Education or M.Ed(1year) program. These programs devote mainly on pedagogical courses and thereby produce trained teachers, supervisors and educational administrators essential for teaching and management of the Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary levels of education. So these programs are very important and significant. As a consequence, curricula are likely to be much more flexible and responsive to individual needs, offering significant local autonomy within a framework of common principles and content standards. Learning is increasingly conceived as a holistic, lifelong enterprise which values higher order cognitive skills and is concerned with dimensions of the learner including personal, interpersonal, practical and artistic skills, civic and political engagement and emotional, spiritual and international understanding. Interactive, participatory teaching approaches are preferred fostering creativity and linking theory with practice, application and problem solving. Emphasis is on both assessment of learning and assessment for learning. With the understanding of basic human rights, the importance of life –oriented education policy and all stakeholders of the country to establish a meaningful education in this Department of Uttara University. We emphasis also to include human rights, gender, value education and other life skills. The objectives of education department to develop ability of logical thinking, rationality and mental faculty of human being so that they can resolve their challenges of day –to –day life and of the coming days rationality and efficiently.