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10 Years Celebration of DEA, Bangladesh

Award Leaders of Uttara University Unit attended in "10 Years Celebration program" of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award held at The Gulshan Club on September 06, 2019.

ডেঙ্গু প্রতিরোধে জনসচেতনতামূলক বিশেষ র‍্যালি

০৬ আগস্ট ২০১৯ তারিখ সকাল ১১ ঘটিকায় উত্তরার হাউজবিল্ডিং সংলগ্ন উত্তরা ইউ...

এগিয়ে যাও - পর্ব ০২ প্রকাশিত

ভিডিওটি দেখতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন: ht...

Welcome to Uttara University

Uttara University, Bangladesh, has been able to establish a tradition of academic, non-academic and research facilities offering and providing under graduate, post graduate studies and research opportunities. Uttara University is widely recognized nationally and internationally for high quality education and research. The graduate of Uttara University and their job placement is the reflection of quality education and quality discipline. In the cosmopolitan campus of Uttara University, we see the student from all walks of life who can have access to the tertiary education and avail the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skill for their relatively high standard of life and living. We need to up-grade the student both academically, non-academically and in etiquette, grooming and most of all in profession. Uttara University has education collaboration with Worchester University and Bed-ford Shire University in England. An additional collaboration is in process with some North-American University including a couple of ones in Canada. Uttara University is deeply concerned about the student’s placement of status in the demanding field including the corporate and multinational ones.


Prof. Dr. M. Azizur Rahman


Dean's Message

The School of Education and Physical Education is one of the five Schools of Uttara University and was started its activity from 2003. The School is committed to quality education services. The teachers of this school maintain ethical standards. The programs provide knowledge of sports and pedagogical knowledge in education system profoundly that enables the students to develop an understanding of the contributions of various schools of philosophy to the field of education.

Professor Md. Khairul Islam Khan



Chair Person's Message

It is my pleasure to inform that the Department of Physical Education, Uttara University(UU), Bangladesh,  is the first in the country offering two programs :Bachelor of Physical Education and Master of Physical Education. We have made great strides for quality education providing unique learning opportunities for students and meeting the challenge of demands. We have talented and ambitious students and skilled faculty members. We are specially looking forward to the future with great anticipation and excitement. I am proud to be a part of the Department of Physical Education, UU.