Entrance Rules

1. Before entering the library the student will keep his/her belongings e.g. bags, umbrellas etc. to the pigeon-hole of the library near the issue counter. All valuable materials like cash money, cell phone, jewellery, camera, wristwatch etc. must taken out from their bags and will keep at their own disposal.
2. Cell phone/mobile phone must be switch off before entering the library premises as the library is a study zone.
3. The student must not write in the library books nor should they tear off the pages of books, journals etc. If the offenders caught or identified should be questioned before University higher authority and he/she may be penalized for damages of books and journals etc.
4. All members of the library are advised to check, books, journals, periodicals after issuing them from the Library. If no such report has been made it shall be assumed that the present user had been received the book in good condition.
5. Silence is to be strictly maintained in the Library. The seats of the library are not reserved for anybody.
6. The members of the library shall abstain from any kind of discussion or group studies or gossiping which may cause of disturbance of other students as the library is a place of study area. Any kind of noise is not allowed inside the Library.
7. The library officers/staffs/security guards are authorized to search student within the premises at the time of entrance and outgoing from the library premises.
8. If any misconduct happened in the library towards the library officers/staffs by the student, then it shall be reported to higher authority and disciplinary action may be taken against the offenders.

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