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Advisor's Message

Under Construction

[Professor Faez M. Serajul Hoque]
Department of LAW

Dean's Message

Welcome to the Uttara University School of Arts and Social Science. The School of Arts and Social Science is one of the core schools of Uttara University. The school offers classes in English, Bangla, Islamic Studies and Law.

In the School of Arts and Social Sciences core knowledge, skills and general education courses are taught by highly qualified faculties. All of our graduate students receive extensive training in writing, public speaking, critical thinking and research, all of the skills that employers are seeking in today’s graduates.

The Uttara University School of Arts and Social Science maximize student’s success through:

  • Small classes infused with values and personalized attention
  • Opportunities for hands-on career training such as moot court in Department of Law, presentations and assignments in Department of English, etc.
  • Experience, team-work and collaborative learning through pair work, group work, etc.
  • Opportunities to use computer-based learning through power point presentation of assignments, group work.

In the School of Arts and Social Science our goal is to prepare students for a dynamic future. Our commitment is to ensure students skills in such a way that they fulfill all the requirements of the employers. As result our graduates are seen as highly desirable candidates who can enter professionally in the work force.

[Professor Haspia Bashirullah]
Department of LAW

Chairperson's Message

Under Construction

Department of LAW